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one funny day in kouvola

i was witn mimi, dani, susanna and two other girls (i'm so bad with names, sry) in kouvola. we later also met tuukka (happy b-day) and genaro. it was really funny and we read the book 'the return of bunny suicides'. it rocks!

we were at hesburger and ate fries and ice cream. its delicious! we talked about japan and italy ('is the tower of pizza in milan?'). mimi will go to italy in june! i later had to explain the differences between german german and austrian german. in one german book (it suxs. one chapter is bout two people having sex in a museum!) one of the authors says that we have a stronger 'ch' in austrian german than they have in germany wich is not true!!!

mimi and me met martin from switzerland in the bookshop. he was in our finnish course. i later bought the tickets for the placebo concert in r-kioski.

i finally met someone who knows the movie 'diónnie darko'! we also had a doughnut (sp?) and dani and me shared a pizza.

and noow (for mimi and dani) my funny text message:
there's a weird shadow. strange noise. puppies. mimi music. kalevala. no breathing. holding hands. pee on the floor. bi sexual dog. drunk arto. danis rules for sharing a bed. mana. bus stop
31.3.07 17:56

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