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Genaro's birthday

dani and mimi want to read my blog too, so i'm going to write in english. everyone i know speaks english so i dont think that there is going to be a problem (beside the fact, that my written english sux).

last weekend i went to kouvola to meet dani and mimi. in the evening was genaros birthday party. we went to danis house and ate pasta. danis family owns 12 dogs (die hunde aus der cäsar werbung. kA wie die rasse heisst) and 5 of those are puppies. mimi eand me fell in love with all the puppie, but they are way too expencieve for us.

dani and me made fun of mimi bcs shes so short (157 cm) and she didnt know nirvana or guns'n'roses (but worse is thatshe didnt even know mana!!!!). i have to addmit that i didnt know kalevala. i'm such a bad girl...

we went to the bus stop after we had lunch, but the bus didnt stop and we had to wait for about 40 min. we were pretty bored and so we started to take picture of each other (mimi: 'its a nice picture, but theres a weird shadow.' dani and mimi understand that quote).

i had hick-ups for a long time, so we decided to hold our breath, but it didnt work bcs we looked so stupid that we all started to laugh when we looked at each other. mimi and dani made fun of me bcs of those 'strange noises'.

at almost 7 o'clock, we finally arrived at genaros place. there were two girls from australia (but they are from rotary and rotarians are naughty!). we then realised that there werent any busses to valkeala and i stayed overnight at danis house. dani also met some finnish girls who know mana and are obsessed with japan. before we left the party, we saw what people do to the (what's geburtstagskind?). genaros hostsister pushed fis face into his birthday cake!!!

at danis house, i played again with the dogs and was intriduced to lore, the bi-sexuall dog ('theres pee on the flor!'). u dont wanna know what lore did. danis 'parents' (they are 26) went to the apulanta concert in kouvola and me and dani watched 'the voice' (finnish MTV) and funny cats at youtube.

before we went to sleep, dani told me the rules for sharing a bed with her. ' i might start to kick u. and u cant wake me up as soon as i fell asleep.' there were loads of tjose things but i forgot most of them already. sry!

the next morning danis dad had a hang over and didnt remember weather or not the concert was a good one. we went to kouvola and met the aussie girls and mimi to watch an ice hockey game. we then had pizza, pasta and burritos(i ate at genaros place a burrito, had a burrito in the restaurant and when i came home, i had tortillas). dani, mimi and me went back to the station at about 3 and we were holding hands!!! luckily, we didnt meet any of our friends.

today we crosse the 300 visitors mark! i sometimes think i should just quit writing in the blog bcs i dont think that anyone is acctually reading it!
27.3.07 20:09

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