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end of the stay camp

we went to mikkeli over the last weekend for the last camp. we talked a lot and we cried a lot too. i'm really sad, that i have to go home soon. i've just 7 more days in the best country in the world left...

i spent also 3 days in kotka with giulia and katrin. we have onr question, we just cant answer: wich one is beter saw 1 or saw2???

we'll go to our mökki for juhannus and there's a loka, so i'll guess i'll swim in it while my sauna visit. its the best!

mimi came home today after one week in italy at dani's place.

love ya all and see u soon.

19.6.07 17:54

a lot has happened

sry that i didn write anything for such a long time.

we wnt to rauma with AFS and it was really funny, beside the fact that giulia almost broke my nose. of course, we played mafioso and we went to see all the old houses in rauma. its a really beautiful city. there also happened something really funny with gar yi and burak, but i cant write about it now.

i also watched spider man 3 and pirates of the caraebian 3. the PotC was overrated, but spiderman was fun.

i went with verena to helsinki to see placebo and the day before was helens b-day party. i didnt sleep at all during her party and then i had to go to the concert...

my family came to vistit me and it was pretty funny.

we had a lot of people in our home today bcs of minttu's graduation. it was fun though.

its hard to remember all the other stuff. sry
2.6.07 20:51

dani, mimi and me are engaged!!!

sry, i havent been writeing for a long time now...

anyway, dani, mimi and me bought all the same ring and it says our names inside. now we're engaged. and when we go to japan next year, we'll buy another ring.

a lot happened and i can hardly remember. i was in orimattila at helen's place and stayed there overnight. we tryed to dye our hai, but we failed.

my family thought that i was drung at vappu (which i wasnt!!!).

i didnt watch euroviisio, bcs i didnt want to and its getting worse. and if u think of the fact that it sucked from the beginning, thats horrible news.

helen might come tomorrow to kouvola and i'll show her around
15.5.07 17:44

for dani, verena and mimi

sry dani, i stole three of ur pics....

mana.. hottest japaniese man ever!!

his band moi dix mois

and me and mimi
the nice one...

and the freaky one...
28.4.07 16:07

lappi part 2

i was with my family in ylläs and we didnt have an computer so i couldnt write for a long time and i'm too lazy to write much about our trip...

to make it short: it was awesome and i love lappi. i was downhill skiing and crosscountry skiing.

i'll tell u later more...

yesterday i met tuukka and as it turned out hes as much into movies as me and we made a list with about 38 movies we want to watch together
24.4.07 17:35

meeting helen in lahti and watching 300

helen is finally back in finnland and i visited her in lahti on tuesday. it was a great day and we bought a lot of stuff. mostly cds and dvds. in the free record shop they had some kind of sale and we later went to sokos and bought there some dvds. i bought: led zeppelin, egotrippi, smack, death cab for cutie and the movie rosamary's baby. i got 2 coldplay cds for my b-day from helen. we later went to roberts coffee and met julia from brazil there. she has issues with her new family and AFS might send her home cos its just 2 more months.

i later had to go to my dentost's and he x-rayed my jaws. i know...i should get a life...

yesterday me and dani went to tuukkas place and we watched the movie 300. it was kinda gross and at some point made me wanna puke. it was still fun to hang out with them and talk about greek history. dani knows a lot about that kind of stuff bcs she has to study latin and greek. quote of dani: 'after a fight they celebrated and had sex with each other.'

we had again an argument with tuukka and his friend riku bcs they said being gay isnt normal for guys, but great if it comes to women. they are such pervs!

we are gettin a new kitchen at the moment and so we have a lot to do. i'm goint to lapland in about 2 weeks and soon i'll go to rauma and my parents are going to visit me.

my grandma called me today and our conversation started with the question 'are u 16 or 17?' she called me for my b-day, but couldnt remember how old i was??? and most imortaint: i finally got my present from my fam today. the package made it to valkeala after almost a month!
5.4.07 18:56

one funny day in kouvola

i was witn mimi, dani, susanna and two other girls (i'm so bad with names, sry) in kouvola. we later also met tuukka (happy b-day) and genaro. it was really funny and we read the book 'the return of bunny suicides'. it rocks!

we were at hesburger and ate fries and ice cream. its delicious! we talked about japan and italy ('is the tower of pizza in milan?'). mimi will go to italy in june! i later had to explain the differences between german german and austrian german. in one german book (it suxs. one chapter is bout two people having sex in a museum!) one of the authors says that we have a stronger 'ch' in austrian german than they have in germany wich is not true!!!

mimi and me met martin from switzerland in the bookshop. he was in our finnish course. i later bought the tickets for the placebo concert in r-kioski.

i finally met someone who knows the movie 'diónnie darko'! we also had a doughnut (sp?) and dani and me shared a pizza.

and noow (for mimi and dani) my funny text message:
there's a weird shadow. strange noise. puppies. mimi music. kalevala. no breathing. holding hands. pee on the floor. bi sexual dog. drunk arto. danis rules for sharing a bed. mana. bus stop
31.3.07 17:56

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