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a lot has happened

sry that i didn write anything for such a long time.

we wnt to rauma with AFS and it was really funny, beside the fact that giulia almost broke my nose. of course, we played mafioso and we went to see all the old houses in rauma. its a really beautiful city. there also happened something really funny with gar yi and burak, but i cant write about it now.

i also watched spider man 3 and pirates of the caraebian 3. the PotC was overrated, but spiderman was fun.

i went with verena to helsinki to see placebo and the day before was helens b-day party. i didnt sleep at all during her party and then i had to go to the concert...

my family came to vistit me and it was pretty funny.

we had a lot of people in our home today bcs of minttu's graduation. it was fun though.

its hard to remember all the other stuff. sry
2.6.07 20:51

end of the stay camp

we went to mikkeli over the last weekend for the last camp. we talked a lot and we cried a lot too. i'm really sad, that i have to go home soon. i've just 7 more days in the best country in the world left...

i spent also 3 days in kotka with giulia and katrin. we have onr question, we just cant answer: wich one is beter saw 1 or saw2???

we'll go to our mökki for juhannus and there's a loka, so i'll guess i'll swim in it while my sauna visit. its the best!

mimi came home today after one week in italy at dani's place.

love ya all and see u soon.

19.6.07 17:54

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